7 Chakra and Business Video Mini-course

The system of 7 Chakra is an ancient Indian blueprint of expanding human potential. If you are familiar with Human Design, the 7 Chakra are represented as 9 centers.
A Chakra is nothing but archetypal energy.

You may have heard about Chakra in the context of colors, sounds, sacred geometry and association with the parts of human body. But those are only the representations of the core energies as somebody once saw it, felt it, sensed it. 
If you really want to learn about Chakra in a powerful and yet practical way, you must learn what each of these energies represent.
Because whether you sense it or not, they affect how you show up in the world, including in your business.
When they operate in balance you show up as your most powerful, aligned self in business and life, and that reflects in your business results.
When they operate out of balance that also shows up as "issues" in business and how you are showing up for your business
- How easy is it for you to receive money from clients,
- How confident do you feel in sales calls, while quoting your price,
- Do you feel comfortable on videos and photos,
- Are you creating the products you are uniquely born to create,
- Can you access your intuition on demand to create magnetic content
I teach my clients (coaches, healers, artists) how to recognize the business symptoms that are showing the balance or imbalance in each of the 7 Chakra, and then how to heal the Chakra using practical business actions as a healing modality, so that they can show up more powerfully, balanced in their business, and create a visionary message and mission as an expression of who they are.
I do this through speeches, 1:1 mentorship and group workshops.
I have struggled so much in business because I refused to settle for anything less than a unique, aligned, balanced business that ONLY I am born to create.
Ultimately, all my struggle turned into the biggest discovery of my life and my best gift to visionary entrepreneurs. Now I teach all of this that have discovered in my own journey, and that of my clients. 
Are you ready to learn more about 7 Chakra and how it affects you and your business?
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7 Chakra business mini-course